Room Escape Contest 8 Level 6-10

Walkthrough Level 6-10

Level 6

Look at the cart. Take letter tile lying on cart.
There are numbers painted on the side frame of the cart (note that a thick line is thick because it is actually two lines, one for each adjacent number): 356
Use this code to open the box that is on lying on the cart. Take the letter tile.

Look at the operating lights. The pattern of the individual lamps is similar to the pattern lock at the left wall of the room. Identify the lamps that are in the same state (on/off) in both operating lights. These lamps are the buttons you have to press on the pattern lock. So, starting from the north position: off – on – on – off – on – off – off – on. Take the x-ray.

Stick x-ray from inventory to lightboard (top right corner of it). You get a number: 4765.

Use this number to open the box standing next to the operating table.

Look again at the x-ray lightboard. There is a formula written on the wall above it. Keep this formula in mind and look at the rectangular 2×2 button lock in the corner of the room. The formula’s single symbols are composed of two respective tiles drawn next to the lock (one left, one right, same position in the 2×2 grid), e.g. the rectangle is a composition of the left bottom quadrant on the left and the left bottom quadrant on the right. Following this logic and the formula (X and = are also symbols) the button combination for the lock is: bottom left – top left – top left – top right – top left – top left – bottom right. Use it to open the container and take the tile.

You should have four letter tiles in your inventory now (F, O, Q, P). Look at the door. The four tiles have to placed in correct order into the empty slots. The hint for the order is written on the door: NEXT OPEN.
It means that you have to always put the next letter in the alphabet of each letter in OPEN; this results in: PQFO.

Put the tiles accordingly and exit through door.

Level 7

Take gong mallet from desk. Look at abacus. Move the middle stones up. Note the symbols and the respective stone count.

Use the stone count per symbol to open the left door of the cupboard: 3245
Note the shape of the black space of each quadrant inside.

Look at the gong. Use the gong mallet many many times on the gong (99 times to be exact, that is what the number in the bottom right corner tells you). It will crack several times, revealing a symbol pattern at the end. The symbols match the black space shapes inside the cupboard and give you the quadrant combination: bottom left – top right – bottom right – bottom left – top left – bottom right.

Use the combination on the box standing on the cupboard (below gong, above symbol lock). Take key.

Use key on door.

Level 8

This room took me quite some time to solve…

Take cue. Look at the number puzzle board at the room corner’s left wall. Use cue to get the sword on top of it. Look at sofa and cut a hole with sword. It reveals a number lock.

Look at the shelf with colored balls in four rows and a number lock in the bottom right corner. Remember the colors and their orders from every row. Look at the pool table and the balls on it. For each row on the shelf, imagine drawing a line according to the colors (e.g. for the last row the line would go from the red 3-ball to the black 8-ball to the green 6-ball). Think of what numbers each line forms and you get a number code: 5271
Use this code to open the number lock on the shelf. Pick up the light bulb.

Use the light bulb from your inventory on the lamp standing on the small table right in front of you. It gives you a color code: yellow – red – blue – green. Look at the balls on the pool table again. The color code maps to the following balls: 1326. Use this code to open the sofa’s number lock. Take hammer.

Use the hammer on the floor on the right side of the carpet. It reveals yet another number lock. Each digit is labeled with a geometrical shape. Aha! We saw them on the number puzzle board before. Let’s solve it! The 15 next to the puzzle hints that each row and each column should sum up to 15. So you can easily identify the value of each shape: circle=9, rectangle=3, triangle=7, bottom-shape=1. Going back to the number lock in the floor, you now see that the code for it is: 9731. Take key.

Use key to open door.

Level 9

Look at the closet. Open first door, take the cup. Open second door, take the knife. Open third door…oh, nothing to take. Note that there is a number lock on the fourth door. Take a look at the can shelf behind each door. The non-can space build a number in each shelf. This gives you the code to the number lock: 675. Use it to open the fourth door. Take screwdriver.

Look at the cover in the bottom right corner of the room. Use screwdriver on each screw to remove the cover. Seems to be empty? Hm.

Look at the sink and open the tap. Use cup on water flow. This fills the cup with water. Go back to the uncovered hole in the room’s bottom corner. Use water-filled cup on hole. Aha! You can see some yellow thing floating on the water, but you cannot reach it. So fill the cup again and pour water into the hole again. Still can’t reach it? Do it again. After doing this three times you can grab the ball.

Look at the ball from your inventory. Use knife on it. This gives you a piece of paper with a letter combination: LUDV. Reminds you of something you’ve seen before?
Look at the closet doors again. The patterns on the doors are formed with letters D, L, V and U. Count the occurrence of each letter in its respective shape: D=8,L=7,V=5,U=4. Sort the numbers according to the piece of paper: 7485.

Use this combination on the exit door’s number lock (to the right of it).

Level 10

Look at bench. Open spectacle case on the bench. Take key. Look at green box in bottom right corner of the room. Use key to open it. Take coin and piece of paper.

Take umbrella. Look at bench. Use umbrella to reach the box beneath it. Look at number lock and note that it has 7 digits.

Look at telescope. Insert coin. Look at the piece of paper in your inventory. Only two degree specifications are written in black. The left one is 45° and the right one is 270°. Keep this in mind and look through telescope. You only see something blurry, but there are two control knobs, one on the left, one on the right. Use the degree specs from the piece of paper to adjust them. This means that you have to turn the left knob once, the right knob 6 times. Now you see a building with a few illuminated windows. The building has 8 rows of windows (nicely denoted by the banner next to it) and 7 illuminated windows. Remember that the box under the bench has a number lock with 7 digits. Every illuminated window must denote a digit of that lock! Following that logic, going from left to right, you get this combination: 3851472.

Use combination to open the grey box under the bench. Take book. Take handle.

Look at the yellow standing sign next to the green box. Remember arrow combination: big arrow up – small arrow down – small arrow up – big arrow down. Open panel next to exit door. Insert missing handle from inventory into the left slot. Look at book in inventory. It gives you handle positions for big arrow up and small arrow up. Use this to insert the combination of errors from the yellow sign. After each arrow’s handle positions press the button, after each button push one more light will be lit at the top. First arrow is easy as it is stated in the book. For the arrow downs‘ combination you have to mirror the respective arrow up’s combination vertically AND horizontally (which does not have an effect for the small one, but it has for the big one). This results in the following handle positions:

1) middle – left – left
2) right – middle – right
3) left – middle – left
4) right – right – middle

Exit trough the door.

Level 11-20

Coming soon…

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