Room Escape Contest 8 Level 16-20

Walkthrough Level 16-20

Level 16

Look at table and note the different positions of the shark jaws. These give you the combination for the blue box next to the table, counting the number of times you have to press each button from the lock, it is: 2013.

Open the box and take the snorkel.

Look at the painting next to the locker. The wooden frame gives you a number sequence: 6293.

Open the top locker with this number sequence and take the goggles.

Combine goggles and snorkel and use them on the pool. Take the key on the swimming pool’s ground.

Use key to open bottom locker. Take scroll.

Go diving in the pool again by using the goggles on the water. Compare the patterns on the pool’s wall with the scroll’s content. Each wall pattern can be found in the scroll’s letter pattern containing a written number, e.g. with the first pattern you can find „four“, starting in the second last row, first column. This gives you the number sequence: 4613.

Use number sequence to open exit door.

Level 17

Look at flower pots at window sill. Count number of blossoms for each pot’s flower. This gives you: 3 (red), 6 (yellow), 4 (green), 2 (blue).

Look behind painting on the wall next to the exit door. There is a safe with a number lock. Each digit has a different background color. Use the flower pot’s color to number mapping to open it: 6234. This reveals a red 38.

Look at the clocks on the shelf on the room’s right side. Each clock has a shape, which gives you a shape sequence: rectangle, circle, rectangle, heart.

Use this shape sequence to open the desk’s top locked drawer. This reveals a yellow 67.

Look at the clocks on the shelf again. Each clock shows a different time with the hands always forming a 90 degree angle and therefor marking a specific circle’s quarter. This gives you the sequence: top left quarter, top right quarter, bottom right quarter, bottom left quarter.

Use this quarter sequence to open the desk’s bottom locked drawer. This reveals a blue 25.

Look at the doormat. It shows a color sequence: blue, red, yellow. Sort all the found numbers according to this color sequence, this results in: 253867.

Use that number sequence on the door’s keypad to open it.

Level 18

Look at the poster on the wall next to the door. Note the two numbers with the square root sign on top. The square root sign actually hints how you need to read across the numbers to get a code. So, following the square root sign you start on the top left first digit, go to the bottom second digit, top third digit, top 4th digit: 1485.

Look at the arcade game on the left. Take cube. Note that there is also a square root sign on the screen. Maybe you can use the number code from the poster here? Insert the code. This results in two hints: First, take the piece of paper from the slot. Look at it. It shows equations with shapes. The second hint is displayed on the arcade game’s screen. Here you also see the shapes and, combined with the code you inserted below, you get more equations (the shapes represent numbers and need to be added because of the „+“ sign): circle = 1; circle + triangle = 4; triangle + rectangle = 8; rectangle = 5. Therefor: circle = 1; triangle = 3; rectangle = 5. Looking at the equations on the paper, you get:
circle = 1; triangle = 3; rectangle = 5; half-circle = 9; diamond = 7; star = 8.

Look at the arcade game in the bottom right corner of the room. It displays shapes in a sequence and then it shows all shapes at once flashing. Note the sequence of single shapes: circle, star, diamond, rectangle, circle, triangle. Using the mapping to numbers from above: 187513.

Use this code on the number lock. Now the arcade game’s screen displays patterns. Look at cube in inventory. Unfold it. Note how the unfolded cube looks like. It’s the same shape/pattern as the ones shown on the screen. Imagine how the patterns on the screen would look like if you’d fold them to a cube…they would show numbers! This gives you the following code: 1704.

Look at the number lock of the slot machine next to the door on the right. Use number code from above. Take key.

Use key to open entrance door.

Level 19

Take book from table. Open book. Take hammer.

Look at mirror. Use hammer on mirror. Take broken piece of mirror glass.

Take cloth from bed. Combine with piece of mirror glass.

Look at Marilyn Monroe poster. Use piece of mirror glass on poster. Take chocolate bar.

Look at chocolate bar. Note the brand: Dove.

Look at framed photo of Marilyn Monroe next to the locker. Note that the corners contain patterns that consist of letters. Touch the respective corner spelling the name of the chocolate bar („Dove“): top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left. Take saw blade.

Look at the door’s bars. Remove bars with saw blade. Use piece of mirror glass to look around the corner. You see a clock showing the time 10:10. Or doesn’t it? It is mirrored, so the real time is 13:50.

Use the clock’s time as number sequence to open the locker. Take grabbing bar.

Look at door again. Use grabbing bar to take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 20

Look at the silk painting in the left corner. Note the order of the things shown: bird, butterfly, fish, lotos flower.

Look at the tea cups on the table next to the door. Each has a decorative painting on it that is also shown in the silk painting. Sort the tea cups according to the silk painting. Take mother of pearl token.

Look at the brushes hanging in their mount, standing on the table in front. Note the color sequence: red, green, yellow, blue.

Look at chest in the left corner. Use color sequence to open drawer. Take mother of pearl token.

Look at back of chair. Note the order of the „rings“. There are 5 different positions, so by assigning 1 to the top position, 5 to the bottom position, the sequence is: 12543.

Look at music instrument on top of chest. It has 5 strings. Play the strings according to the sequence from above. You play them by touching the correct position. This reveals a number lock with a pattern on top of each digit.

Look at drawing next to the exit door. Imagine adding the patterns from the number lock to the red-square patterns. They will add up to numbers: 6835.

Open instrument’s number lock with the sequence. Take mother of pearl token.

Look at table in front again. Use tokens from inventory on box. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

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