Room Escape Contest 8 Level 11-15

Walkthrough Level 11-15

Level 11

There are three objects hanging on the right wall. Look at the left object, a frame that contains patterns of rectangles, two rows with 3 patterns each. Compare patterns with the drawer colors of the chest in the front left of the room. Each pattern maps to drawers of the same color, that means each pattern maps to one color. This gives you the following color code: blue – green – green (row one), red – red – blue (row two). Use this to open the top drawer of the chest on the right wall. Take arrow pin.

Look at the clock on the wall. It shows hour, minute and second. Read in this order, it gives you a number combination: 428. Use this to open the middle drawer of the chest on the right wall. Take another arrow pin.

Look at the right frame on the right wall. The fish heads are pointing to different directions, so it gives you the direction combination: down – up left – up right – down right.

Look at the chest on the right wall again. Use arrow pins on the bottom drawer. Use direction combination from above to turn the arrows into the right directions. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 12

Take binoculars from the bench at the window. Also take the book there. Use binoculars to look through window. You see cardinal points mapped to letters: N – Z, NE – X, E – Y, SE – M, S – N, SW – O, W – L, NW– K.

Look at the drawer next to the door, it has a direction lock. Each digit is labeled with a letter. Map each letter to a cardinal point (see mapping from window above), this will give you the lock’s code: NE – SE – S – W. Take remote control.

Look at air con. Use remote control on air con. Take paper slip.

Look at paper slip. It shows a sequence of letters. Look at book.  The book gives you a table of numbers with rows and columns indicated headed by letters. That means that each number can be mapped to a pair of letters. Look at the paper slip again and map each sequential pair of letters to a number according to the table (e.g. the pair „AC“ maps to row A, column C and therefor to „0“). This gives you the number combination: 03469.

Look at painting on the wall. Behind the painting there is a safe. Use the number combination from above to open it. Take key.

Use key to open entrance door.

Level 13

Look closer at the shelves on the back wall. There are three drawers, each with a different lock: The top drawer has a 4-digit number lock, the middle drawer has a 4×4 pattern lock and the bottom drawer has a 4-digit letter lock. Back off from the drawers again and look at the shelves.

To open the top drawer, take a look at the shelves left of the drawers. They themselves are number-shaped and read vertically the code: 7005. Use it to open the drawer and take the piece of paper inside.

To open the middle drawer, take a look at the 4×4 shelf above the drawers. The compartments give you the pattern for the middle drawer’s lock. The compartments that have a glass map to a „lit“ tile in the pattern lock. The pattern is:
Use it to open the middle drawer and take the chest.

To open the bottom drawer, take a look at the shelves right of the drawers. They themselves are letter-shaped and spell vertically the word SOUL (read from bottom to top). Use this to open the drawer and take the pencil.

Look at the piece of paper in your inventory and use the pencil on it. This gives you a direction pattern: top left, top left, top right, top right, bottom right, bottom left, bottom right. Use this to open the chest in your inventory. This gives you the key in your inventory.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 14

Take cloth from above the small painting.

Look at sink and open tap. See that the mirror shows the hint: hell -> help. To get from hell to help you have to change the last letter „l“ to „p“, this means to go from „l“ via „m“, „n“, „o“ to „p“. „mno“ or rather „MNO“ can be read as numbers, when you rotate them clock-wise for 90 degrees. This gives you the number code: 320.

Use the number code to open the drawer beneath the sink. Take handle. Take piece of paper.

Use cloth on tap water. Use wet cloth to clean the floor’s dirty area. This gives you a position code: bottom, middle, top, top, middle.

Look at the small painting. Remove the lid beneath it. Put handle from inventory into empty slot. Use the position code from above to set the handles correctly. This removes the small painting and reveals a 4-digit number lock with the word „GOD“ written above it.

Look at the piece of paper. It gives you the hint that letters refer to numbers, in fact it tells you that the alphabetic letters are mapped to its „index“ in the alphabet, e.g. A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so on. According to this number mapping scheme the word „GOD“ maps to 7154 (G is 7, O is 15, D is 4). Use this code to open the number lock. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 15

Open cupboard. Note that the drawer has a lock that needs a combination of ‚U‘ and ‚V‘ button pushes. Flip through the the shirts until you can take the long grabbing bar. Flip again through the shirts and keep track of the necks (the buttons from the drawer’s lock refer to v-neck and u-neck of shirts, and the shirt with the word „END“ on it marks the end of the combination sequence); this will give you the combination: UVUVVU.

Use the combination to open the drawer (don’t forget to press ENTER at the end of the combination). Take piece of paper.

Use grabbing bar to pull down the window blind. This gives you the number sequence 5376421. Note that this sequence contains all numbers from 1 to 7. The piece of paper gives you the sequence: 62E3K9Y. Now sort this sequence by moving each digit by its index along the sequence hint. This means that the digit „K“ in 62E3K9Y is at index 5 (5th position) and has to move to position 1 (as 5 is on 1st position in 5376421). This will result in the sequence: KEY9326. This means that the key is: 9326

Use key sequence to open the exit door.

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