Room Escape Contest 8 Level 1-5

Walkthrough Level 1-5

Level 1

Look at shelf. Note the three shapes in one line: Circle (clock), rectancle (around the number lock), upside down triangle. Use this shape code on the lock next to the window. It reveals a red 5.

Look at the watch in the shelf. Notice the red time bar? Think of the red 5 from above. What if the red bar would stand for the 5 on a clock, what time would the clock show then? The answer is 12:40

Use this code on the number lock in the middle of the shelf. Take key.

Use key on door.

Level 2

Take screwdriver in front of you.

Look at the mirror on left wall of the room. You see a mirrored (!) clock. The non-mirrored clock would show…? 13:50!

Use the clock code on the locker’s number code. Take scroll. Read scroll.

Use code from scroll on box with figurine code. Take fuse.

Look at OPEN sign above the lockers. Use screw driver from inventory to remove screws. Insert fuse from inventory into slot. Look at the flashing letters and remember the order of letters flashing: O-E-N-P-N-E

Use this code with the frame hanging on the wall left of the door. This reveals a number code: 2539 (from left to right, top to bottom)

Use that code on the speaker’s lock. This reveals another number code: 3679

Use this code to open the door.

Level 3

Look at the cupboard and notice two locks, one color lock whose digits are separated by „>“ characters and a 3×3 number lock.

Look at the paintings on the wall. Notice the varying sizes and colors of the frames. Remember the color lock from above. Sort frames by size (this is what the „>“ character tells you!) and note colors: yellow, red, green, purple. Open color lock at cupboard with it and take paper sheet.

Look at the paintings again. This time look closer at the number painting (red frame). Note that the 5 has an arrowhead. It tells you the code for the number lock. Follow the shape of the five from bottom to head. Look at the 3×3 number code and apply this notion: 7-8-9-6-5-4-1-2-3

Look at the books behind the 3×3 number lock. Note the order of the white markers: top-bottom-top-top-bottom-top-bottom-top
Look at the paintings again, this time look closer at painting with the green frame. Use the book code on the up and down buttons: up-down-up-up-down-up-down-up.
It reveals an equation: key = XYZ

Look at the paper sheet in your inventory, it has also two equations: rectangle shape = 40; plus shape = 25.

Look at the door’s lock, a number pad. If you overlay the numbers 1-9 on the pad with a rectangle shape, you would cover (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9), which sum is 40 (1+2+3+4+6+7+8+9). Same logic applies for plus shape. An overlay with the plus shape would cover (2,4,5,6,8), which sum is 25 (2+4+5+6+8).
Now, the key equation says that the key is XYZ. Apply the same logic:
X -> 1+3+5+7+9 = 25
Y -> 1+3+5+8 = 17
Z -> 1+2+3+5+7+8+9 = 35
So, key is XYZ is 251735.

Use this code on the door’s number lock.

Level 4

Look at chair. Take notebook.

Note the blue 4 on the chair. Note the green 7 on the painting. Open the notebook in your inventory and note the black 2. These numbers give you the code to the desk drawer in the respective color order as shown by the lock: 274
Open the drawer with the code and retrieve a scroll.

Look at the notebook from your inventory again. Note that the poem consists of almost identical lines (ignore the last one!), the only difference of each line is the last word which consists of 6 letters (digits), some of which are marked red. Look at the painting again and move it aside, it reveals a pattern lock of size 6×5 (6 columns, 5 rows). This lock needs the pattern of the red characters in the last words of each line in the poem (again: ignore the last line):

l i t t l e
l o n e l y
f i e r c e
h a t r e d
r e c k e d

Use the pattern to open the container. Take the newspaper.

Look at the chessboard. Use the scroll to assign numbers to each chess piece on the board, e.g. bishop stands on C5, this corresponds to the number 6 in the scroll’s number grid (column „c“, row „5“):

Chess piece Position Scroll number
Rook A4 4
Bishop C5 6
Knight C2 0
Pawn E3 3
King F5 3
Queen F2 6

Now, look at the safe below the window. Note the shapes above the number buttons. Look at the newspaper – these shapes correspond to chess pieces. The shapes on the safe say: circle + rectangle, diamond, trapezoid, triangle, half-circle. These correspond to the following pieces, according to the newspaper: rook + pawn, queen, king, knight, bishop. And these again correspond to the following scroll numbers (see table above): 4+3, 6, 3, 0, 6. Let’s get rid of the addition there and we receive: 76306. Enter this code into the safe (don’t forget to press the „ENTER“(?) key). Open the safe. Take key.

Use key to open second desk drawer. Take keycard.

Use keycard on card reader next to the door. Walk through door.

Level 5

Look at desk drawer. It needs some series of button pushes, the buttons are ordered like quadrants. Look at the framed pictures on the wall. The upper four are also ordered like quadrants (hint!). The description word on each picture starts with an unique initial letter (E, C, S, H). The bottom’s single picture’s description (the picture with no white background) consists only of those initial letters. This description (the word „CHEESES“) gives therefor the combination for the desk drawer’s lock: top right, bottom right, top left, top left, bottom left, top left, bottom left.

Open the desk drawer with this combination. Take the scroll. Look at the scroll. Aha – a 3×3 number grid.

Look at the eyesight testing poster on the left wall. Notice that there is only one single line printed on black background with white letters. This row gives you the combination to the medicine box. Think of the three lines of an „E“ pointing into a specific direction, e.g. the normally directed „E“ points to the right side. This means that the row on the eyesight testing poster reads: bottom, right, bottom, top, right.

Use the combination on the medicine box’s lock. Take plaster.

Apply plaster to eyesight testing poster. This reveals another number lock. Notice the unique pattern above each digit – each denotes a position in a 3×3 grid. Wait, wasn’t there a 3×3 number grid on the scroll…? Yeah. Let’s use the numbers from the scroll grid that match the pattern: 8637
Take key.

Use key on door. Done.

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