Walkthrough: Scope by Studio Look

This is a walkthrough for the html5 escape room game Scope by Studio Look. Let’s see if someone ports all the escape room games from now deprecated Adobe Flash to html5. However, I found the escape room Scope quite pleasant and not too hard to solve (so far).


Grab the telescope from the shelf next to the table. Take the battery from under the chair’s pillow – it doesn’t matter for  now that you can move the chair. There is a small cupboard in the wall next to the entrance, open it and grab the cup. Look at the poster on the wall around the corner and see that you need to water a plant with the cup’s liquid, and then something is revealed at the bottom of the cup. The plant to water is outside.

Go outside, mount the telescope on its stand and turn right to the plant. Use the cup on it to water it. The plant’s buds will burst and the top one will reveal the first marble, the purple one. Take it.  The marbles (well, most of them) will later represent planets that you need to bring in order.

Inspect the now empty cup in the inventory and find an object attached to its bottom. Take the object. You can actually turn the head of the object by moving your mouse pointer to the right or left of it – arrows will be displayed that turn the head clock or anti clock-wise.

Go back inside to the cupboard in the wall. Look at the figurine with the head on the top. Open the battery case and insert the battery from your inventory, close the case. Push the red button and note how the head turns. It turns right – right – right – right – left – right – right – left. Notice also what is painted on the head’s back: a symbol (let’s call it S1) equals 4. Look at the object with the head in your inventory. Turn it in the same way as the figurine showed you. It will open and reveal a photograph. Take this photograph. Take the battery from the figurine again.

Look at the photograph. Two things are there to notice. The obvious one is the huge drawing on the wall. We will come to this later. The other one is that there is something attached to the ceiling next to the lamp. Notice also that the perspective of the photograph is somehow strange – you wonder from where in the room this photograph was taken. Go to the poster on the wall. When you click on it now it reveals a hidden compartment behind it! It contains a digital camera. Now you know from where the photograph was taken! Click on the ceiling to find the attached object – it is a red marble. Take it! We will get back to the camera later.

Turn around to the wall with the clock. Look at the clock and click it. It reveals a pattern within a shape that looks like the drawing on the wall in the photograph. Make a mental note of it, go to the table and find an object there with this exact shape. To align the drawing with the pattern from the clock and the real object just look out for the triangle shape around the circle that is unlike the others – this will be your starting point. You need to visit all buttons in order of how the drawing from the photograph shows you – start in top row clock-wise, go down one row, clock-wise, again down one row and clock-wise. You need to push those buttons down that are filled red in the pattern from the clock. The starting point is the button below the red triangle shape. From here we go clock-wise (outer circle):
push – pass – push – push – pass – push – pass
go down to the (imaginary) middle circle and go clock-wise:
push – push – push – pass – pass – push – pass
go down to the (imaginary) inner circle and go clock-wise:
pass – push – pass – pass – push – push – push
Finally push the red button in the middle. If you followed the instructions right, the sun shaped box will reveal (you need to an extra click on the lid) a shuriken, a ninja throwing star. Take it.

Go outside and turn left. Look up and throw the shuriken at the rope. The rope is cut in half and the bottom part falls down. Look into the flower box to find the key that was tied to that rope. Take it.

Walk inside again and open the left drawer of the desk with the key. It contains a blue marble. Take it.

Look at the key in the inventory. Turn it around. The reverse side says: Time times two two times. Look at the clock again on the wall. The time says 00:40. This times two and two times (which is actually four times) results in 0160. Use this number combination on the right drawer of the desk. Note that after entering 0160, you need to open the drawer, there is no hint otherwise that you entered the right code! The drawer contains a locked box. Take it.

Go to the table and use the locked box on the mounted key. Take the unlocked boy, open it and take the floppy disc.

Now go to the hidden compartment in the wall and use the floppy disc on it. Go through the photos with the camera’s green/red button. There are two photos of importance:

  1. The birthday cake: Count the candles on the cake and you know what the two symbols (S2, S3) must stand for – S2 is 2 and S3 is 6.
  2. „Catch me if you can“: Memorize how the person in the photo looks like. It is pointing at the painting on the wall.

Move to the painting on the wall and try to find the person from the photograph. It is just below the big yellow balloon. Click on it. You hear a sound like a door is opening. And indeed a compartment in the same wall opened, left to the painting. Go there. Take the hammer and the green marble.

Go the plant in the corner of the room and look inside the vase from above. Take the orange marble.

Turn around. You should face the windows and the door that leads outside. Notice the little wall in the room and click on that small lit spot on the right side of it. It is a mousehole with a mailbox and lit entrance. Open the mailbox and take the white marble – this is the last marble you needed. Notice also the symobls on the mailbox (S4 and S1 – the second one is the same as on the figurine in the cupboard).

Go outside again. You can turn the telescope into three directions, left, straight and right. Use the telescope in all directions. In the left direction you can find a white planet in front of a red planet. In straight direction you can see the big blue planet an a green alien to the right of it. In the right direction you see some light source (the sun?!) in front of it a purple and then an orange planet.

Go inside to the desk. Place the marbles that represent the planets (the green one does not – it represents the alien) in order to the light bulb (this is the model for the light source / sun you see through the telescope) on the stakes. From left to right the order is:
purple – orange – green – blue – white -red
Push the red button and hear some metal sound.

Step back from the desk and find a metal ladder leading to the roof top. Go there.

Push the red button at the pole to move the ladder up. Click on the ladder and climb up. Take the cloth from the top of the pole. Climb down and push the red button again to move the ladder down.

Turn right and take the recording device from the wall. Take the paper from the stone anvil. 

Turn right again and look at the bird in its nest. Look at the bird’s hat’s tip – it says „XL“ – which in roman letters stands for „40“.

Go downstairs again and look at the painting again. Find the big speech balloon next to the rocket. The symbols obviously (rocket start countdown) stand for 3..2..1 respectively (notice that we’ve seen two of the symbols before, so it is S4 (mailbox mouse)..S2 (birthday cake)..S5 (new one). Find also the alien a few persons left from the photograph’s person. It seems to form the symbol S2.

Let’s summarize the symbols that we know:

  • S1 (figurine head, mailbox mouse) = 4
  • S2 (birthday cake) = 2
  • S3 (birthday cake) = 6
  • S4 (mailbox mouse) = 3
  • S5 (speech balloon painting) = 1

Go to the plant in the corner again. Look at the vase front and clean it up with the cloth. Below the radio icon it reveals: 0729581

Go to the radio on the shelf next to the table. Push the red button to turn it on. The other two buttons are for moving the pointer to the next digit in the bottom display (button on the display’s right) and for changing the digit (button on the display’s top). Let’s put the numbers from the vase here. You should hear a tapping rhythm. Look at the recording device. Look at its back and insert the battery. Close the lid. Use the recoding device on the radio’s speaker. It will automatically record the tapping rhythm.

Move the chair to the cupboard inside the wall. Look at the ventilation grid up there in the wall. Use recording voice to play the rhythm to the grid. A cat appears. Well, at least its eyes appear and „mark“ the 4th and 6th slot in the grid (from the left).

Step down again and look at the paper in your inventory. There is the radio icon again! This time you need to get numbers from a cat, a mouse, a bird and an alien. Go to the exit door and look at the window, you will see a grid pattern with symbols. Find the 4th and the 6th slots (from the left) and see that the symbols from these slots (S3 and S1) stand for 6 and 1. These are the cat’s numbers. The mouse’s numbers are the symbol translation from its mailbox, so 34. The bird’s numbers is 40 (see above). And alien’s number is translation of S2 (see above), so it is 2. In summary, ordered like described on the paper, this gives the number combination: 6134401.

Let’s go to the radio again and insert that combination. You should hear a lullaby. Record it with the recording device.

Go to the rooftop. Play the recorded lullaby to the bird. It falls asleep and you grab the Russian matryoshka dolls. Open them one after the other and grab the golden object in the last one.

Climb downstairs again and go to the shelf next to exit door. Push the blue button. Notice that each button has the same four settings, they stand for the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Notice also that the Russian dolls are dressed for specific seasons, so each one stands for one season. The biggest doll stands for autumn, then summer, winter, autumn (smallest doll). This is also the order from top to bottom for the 4 buttons:
pumpkin (autumn) – sun (summer) – snowman (winter) – flowers (spring)
After setting the buttons accordingly press the blue button again to unlock the screw driver. Take the screw driver.

Look at the screw driver and notice that it rather an unfinished screw driver. Go to the rooftop. Place the screw driver on the stone anvil and use the hammer to get a working screw driver. Take the screw driver.

Go downstairs again and to the table. Use screw driver to release the key. Take key. Look at key and use the other golden object from your inventory on it to complete the key.

Go to exit door. Use key on lock. Open door. Go outside.


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