Escape Room:The children’s room

This is the walkthrough for the escape game by Luo Xiaoying. This escape game is not that easy to solve. And it is also hard to find in the app store, probably because of the naming differences. On my iPad the game’s title is shown as „Escape Room:Escape Room:The children’s room“. In iTunes I could only find it by searching for „luo xiaoying“, there the game is listed as „room escape:the doors and Children’s room“. However, here is the walkthrough.

Level 1

Look at the bed. Note the pattern on the sheets. It gives you a sequence of rectangles. Look at the window bench. There is a button sequence lock with rectangular buttons. Push the buttons according to the sheet’s pattern starting with the entry point (denoted by the small arrow head) on the left top and follow the line. Take cutting knife.

Look at shelf above the desk. Notice that the colored shelves themselves give you a letter sequence: EAFB. Open the desk’s drawer with this sequence. Take tweezers.

Look at the cupboard doors. There is something covered with adhesive tape there. Cut the tape with the knife. Use tweezers to retrieve the piece of paper from the uncovered hole.

Look at the piece of paper in inventory. Look at desk again. The characters on the wall above the screen look like the ones on the piece of paper. Note that each character from the wall can be found on the piece of paper in a different row. Find the position of each character from the wall in its row on the piece of paper (e.g. „D“ is on the fourth position in the first line, „L“ is on the 5th position in the second row). This gives you a number sequence: 4519.

Look at the screen standing on the desk. Insert the number sequence and press „OK“. Read the letter. The puzzle here is to find out what date the writer is referring to. „Last Saturday of this week of last year“ and the letter is written on „Thursday, 29 October 2016“. So, the date the writer is referring to must be 31 October 2015. Converted to number-only and written in the format (short) year – month – day (I have no idea how you you are supposed to know that, I just tried out several options to find the right format), it gives you a number sequence: 151031.

Look at the decorative plates next to the pillows. Note the Chinese (?) signs from left to right. Look at the egg shaped pots next to the books on the shelf. Adjust the symbol on each pot according to the plates‘ sequence. This will release an orange ball to the shelf beneath. Look at the hand sculptures on the shelf and take the ball.

Look at the plates again. Use ball on hole between them. This will reveal a number lock. Use the number sequence from the computer’s puzzle and take photo.

Look at photo. Lift bottom right corner of photo. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 2

Look at window. Take screw driver.

Look at carpet. Take toy truck. Look at toy truck. Use screw driver to open it. Take green toy piece.

Look under bed (tap on space between bed and floor on the right side). Take green toy.

Look at shelf. Look at picture frame. Turn each tile so that the complete picture is displayed. Take green toy piece on the left side of the frame.

Take ballon (tap on the knot that ties it to the bed). Look at ballon and deflate it (tap on it). Take green toy piece.

Look at green toy that you found under the bed. The green toy (a turtle) is actually stuck in another toy. Look closer at the other toy with the wooden base. Note that there are four black holders for the metal bars. Tap these black holders in the following sequence to detach the bars: right – left – bottom – top. Take the toy turtle.

Look at toy turtle. Attach now all three green toy/turtle pieces to the body (the piece with the string is attached to the tail). Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 3

Take the scissors, they are lying beneath the window, next to the pink cushion.

Look at the corner with the lamp. Take red note book. Look under the shelf where the lamp stands. Take lighter.

Look at shelf with the books (it’s behind the bed’s front ladder). Take book on the left („Snow White“). Move to the left by tapping the left arrow. Take drawing that is lying on the floor.

Open the „Snow White“ book (look at it and tap on the top right side of the book). Take piece of paper. Look at drawing in inventory. Use piece of paper on drawing. Put on top this gives you number matrix with labels for some columns and some rows (e.g. the first column is labeled with the color orange; the 5th row is labeled with a color similar to blue). Note that there are some additions on top of the piece of paper. Always two colors are added. And the colors used are exactly the labels for the number matrix. This means that each addition maps to a specific position in the number matrix, e.g. orange + orange maps to the number „3“, because „3“ stands in column orange and row orange. If you use this on all additions you get this number sequence: 3064.

Look at the teddy bear on the bed. Use scissors to cut the stitches. This reveals a number lock. Use the code from above to unlock it. Take piece of paper.

Look at the book shelf again. There are three decorative drawings hanging on the wall. The middle one can be removed by moving the corners in a specific sequence: top right, bottom left, top left, top right. This reveals a piece of paper attached to the wall. Look at it. Use lighter on it. Apparently magic ink was used. Note that there is a little piece torn off the paper. Use piece of paper from inventory on paper on the wall to complete it. Now you have another word puzzle. The writer is referring to the upcoming birthday „next month, tomorrow“. The paper has a number at the bottom, „08.24“, which can be interpreted as date, this means 24th of August. „Next month, tomorrow“ would then translate to 09.25, so you get a number sequence: 0925.

Look at the figurine at the shelf on the right side of the room. It has a number lock. Use the code from above to unlock it. Take piece of paper.

Look at piece of paper in inventory. It has the word „accompany“ on it. Look at red note book. It has a letter lock. Open it with the word from above. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 4

Look at the pillows on the bed. Lift the top one. Take key.

Look at bedside table. Use key to open drawer. Take screwdriver handle.

Go back to total view on room. Now you have to find the spot where you can look under the bed. Tap near the left most bedside table leg. Take missing piece of screwdriver, it is lying behind the bed’s leg. Combine handle and piece to retrieve a full-blown screwdriver. Awesome!

Look at the train in front of the bed (on the wooden tracks). Take the two train wagons and the engine.

Look at the shelf on the right wall. Take train wagon.

Look at the santa clause with the bucket standing next to the carpet. Take train wagon.

Look at the stuffed dogs on the bed. Note that their size varies in this order: middle, tall, small. Look again at the santa clause with the bucket standing next to the carpet. Look at the bucket – it has a lock with three handles that look like dogs (hint!). Each handle has 5 possible positions. While omitting the first two bottom positions (don’t ask me why!), use the height pattern of the stuffed dogs to unlock the bucket lock. This means that you have to tap the first handle 3 times, the second 4 times, the last one once. Take batteries.

Time to look at the train! Start with the engine. Then use each wagon on the engine. Th gives you a complete train. Look closer at the engine. Use screw driver to open hatch. Insert batteries. Tap the engine’s chimney to turn on the wagon lights.

Look at the santa clause standing in the heart-shaped opening of the wall unit. Notice the shapes on each side, their color can be changed by tapping on them. Look at the train again. The wagons have the same shapes at the bottom. Together with the wagon’s light, it gives you a shape/color combination. Use those combinations on the wall unit’s lock (from left to right, clockwise): blue, green, yellow, red. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 5

Look at the computer screen next to the window. It displays colored rectangles. Notice the plus sign between them. There are three plus signs, each between different colors. Think about what color you get, when you add the colors. This gives you a color sequence (from top to bottom): orange (red+yellow), purple (red+blue), green (yellow+blue).

Look at the lamp hanging from the ceiling. It has three rings and you can change each ring’s color. Sounds like we need a color sequence…oh wait…we found one on the computer screen. Use that color sequence on the rings. Take key.

Look at shelf system on the back wall. Take tiles from the shelf above the bottom right shelf.

Look at the frames above the bed. Insert tiles into left frame. Turn the tiles in both frames to get the correct pictures. This reveals a keyhole between them. Use key from inventory to open it. Take piano.

Look at shelf system again. Notice that there are 4 rows and 3 columns. Note which shelf are empty, which ones are not. Look at the locker below the shelf system (you have to step back again to reach it). It has a pattern lock with 4 rows and 3 columns. Sounds familiar? It should. Use the pattern of the shelf system (non-empty tile should be lit by tapping, empty ones not) to open the locker. Take toy rabbit.

Look at toy rabbit. Tap on the written note to get rid of it. Tap on the keys on its belly. Listen to the meldody that it is playing. Look at the piano. Play the melody on the piano. The melody consists of just three notes (the three white keys in the exact middle of the keyboard). The key sequence is: middle, right, middle, left, middle, right. Take SD card.

Look at toy rabbit again. Tap arrow to look at its back. Insert SD card into slot. Looking at the rabbit’s front, the ears are lit now. The right ear seems to contain something. Open it. Take piece of paper. Look at piece of paper. Take key.

Use key to open exit door. Done.

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