Escape Master – Room Escape Adventure 1 Level 1-10

Walkthrough Level 1-10

Level 1

Look at bench. Look under newspaper. Take cutter knife blade.

Look at tree on the left side. Take cutter knife handle. Combine handle with blade by looking at handle and using blade on it.

Look at tricycle. Use cutter knife on seat. Take key.

Use key to open gate.

Level 2

Look at table. Look under decorative bowl. Take knife handle.

Look at umbrella with chairs on the right side. Look at chair on the right. Take spade head.

Look at fishing rod. Use fishing rod (by clicking on it). Take shoe.

Look at door. Take wooden bar left of it. Combine bar with spade head to retrieve a fully functional spade.

Go back to the chairs with the umbrella. Look at left chair. Move chair. Use spade on the lawn. Take box.

Go back to door and take a look at the fish picture on the right. The numbers you have to guess refer to the number of stripes on each fish. This gives you the number combination: 9645.

Use number combination to open the box. Take knife blade. Combine knife blade with knife handle.

Look at shoe. Use knife on shoe. Take key.

Use key to open door.

Level 3

Look at the compressor in left bottom corner. Take tablet lying next to it on the right.

Look at workbench. Take wrench.

Look at barrels in left top corner. Take piece of paper.

Look at rear trunk. Use wrench to open it. Take cloth.

Look at tires on the left wall. Use cloth to clean up the dirt. Note the shape combination: rectangle – hexagon – pentagon.

Look at the service column at the right wall. There is a color lock and apparently you need some shades of red, blue and green. Look at the tablet in your inventor. Look at the piece of paper in your inventory. Compare the bold lined shape on the piece of paper with the map on the tablet. Count the number of pins of each color within that bold lined shape, this gives you the number of times you have to push each colored button of the lock: red – 3 times, blue – 2 times, green – 5 times.

This reveals a shape lock behind the image of the car. Use the shape combination from the tires to unlock it. Take key.

Use key on gate.

Level 4

Look at tiger statue. Move statue. Take brush.

Look at left lion statue. Lift it. Take circle.

Look at fireplace. Lift wood. Take piece of paper.

Look at piece of paper. Use brush on it. It reveals the combination: lion statue – Anubis statue – urn. Let’s find out what this means! Look at right lion statue. Lift it. It reveals the greek letter Π. Look at right Anubis statue. Move it. It reveals the greek letter Φ. Look at urn between Anubis statues. Lift it. It reveals the greek letter Δ. Use circle from inventory on the circular slot under the urn. Look at it. Use the combination of greek letters in the order shown on the piece of paper to unlock it: ΠΦΔ. Take telescope.

Look at plants on left side of the screen. There is s shape combination: rectangle – triangle – circle.

Look at the coffin between the Anubis statues. Open it with that shape combination. Take lense. Look at telescope from inventory. Use lense on it.

Look at tripod next to fireplace. Use telescope on it. Look through it. You see a color combination: green – blue – orange.

Go back to coffin and unlock the chest with the color combination. Take key.

Use key to unlock door.

Level 5

Look at bedside table on the right side of the bed. Take battery lying left of it.

Look at makeup table. Open top drawer. Take remote control.

Look at TV. Move it. Take battery.

Look at remote control. Turn it around. Use batteries on it.

Look at air con in top right corner of room. Use remote control on it. Look at plants beneath it. Take key.

Use key to open middle drawer from makeup table. Take tablet.

Look at bedside table on the left side of the bed. Lift lamp. Take scissors.

Look at pillows. Use scissors on right pillow. Take memory card.

Look at tablet. Insert memory card into tablet. Press „Login“ button. The screen tells you to scan a QR code. Aha! There was a QR code right next to the TV. Use tablet on it. After you login now you will see a color code: yellow – blue – green.

Look at picture of the Eiffel tower hanging on the left wall. Behind it there is a safe. Open this safe with the color code from above. Take key.

Use key to open door.

Level 6

Look at cupboard and note the purple tile with the letter H on the top shelf. Look at table and lift vase. It reveals an orange tile with the letter A. Look at left mannequin. Move it. It reveals a green tile with the letter Z.

Look at table. Lift purse. Take key. Use key to open the pink box on the cupboard. It reveals a color combination: purple – orange – green.

Sort tiles according to their color in order of above’s color combination. This gives you the letter combination: HAZ. Use this to open the middle drawer of the cupboard. Take power cable.

Look at sewing table. Take cloth.

Look at ironing table. Use power cable on iron. Use cloth on ironing table. Use iron on cloth. The burned cloth reveals a roman number combination: XIV.

Use the roman number combination to open the locker in the wall on the left side of the door. Take key.

Use key to open door.

Level 7

Look at the shelf on the left wall. Take the green-ish file binder from the top shelf on the left side. Look at the small compartments on the right side of the shelf. Take the pencil sharpener in the top left corner.

Look at the table. Take a pencil from the right cup. Use pencil sharpener on pencil (click pencil in inventory first, then use sharpener on it). A car appears on the pencil head.

Look at the file binder in your inventory. Flip through the pages and count the number of cars on each page (that is what the car on the pencil is hinting at); this will give you a number combination: 312.

Look at the shelf in the middle of the room. This leads you to a number lock that you can open with the combination from above. Take zip slider.

Look at the backpacks at the right wall. Use zip slider on the green one. Open backpack. Take calculator.

Look again at the table. The erasers on the table give you a color combination: green – yellow – red – blue. Notice that the erasers are lying upside down.

Look at the shelf on the left wall again. Look closer at the model that stands next to the file folders. This maps colors to numbers. Look for the colors of the erasers (in their order). This will give you the combination: 2156.

Type the number into the calculator and press the „=“ button. This will result in the number: 530. Remember that the erasers were lying upside down? Imagine turning the calculator upside down and read the numbers as letters. This will give you: OES.

Look at the desk in the top right corner of the room. Insert the letter combination from above into it. Retrieve a piece of paper.

The piece of paper in your inventory gives you a direction lock code: right – up – left – down. Use this to unlock the desc compartment. Take key.

Use key to unlock exit door.

Level 8

Look at drum set. Lift bass drum (the biggest one). Take crayons.

Look at tambourines hanging on the left wall. Lift left one. Use crayons to color the shape that is drawn on the wall. Notice the direction of each colored triangle/arrow: yellow – up, green – right, purple – right bottom, blue – left bottom, light blue – left. Look at guitar amp. It has a lock with 5 differently colored controls that can be turned pointing into a specific direction. Set the controls according to the color/direction mapping from above. Press „Enter“. Take sheet of paper.

Look at piano. Take pen.

Look at guitars next to keyboard. Lift the left one. Take circular handle.

Look at the right tambourine. Use handle from inventory circular hole in the middle. Reveal an opening by pulling the handle. Take pie chart.

Look at the stool next to the keyboard. Lift seat cover. Take metal gauge.

Look at sheet of paper. Use pen to reveal a number grid. Use metal gauge on number grid. Notice that the metal gauge has 8 lines leading from the middle into a circle that embraces a number from the number grid. Look at pie chart in inventory. It also has 8 lines panning out from the middle, each line leads into a color section. Compare these lines now with the ones from the metal gauge. Find the numbers for each color section’s lines and sum them up. This gives you per color: green – 9 (5+4), blue – 4 (1+0+1+2), red – 7 (4+3).

Look at the locker next to the exit door. It has a 3 digit number lock with each digit with a different background color. Use the color/number mapping from above to open it: 974. Press „Enter“. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 9

Look at the dresser next to the statue. Lift book. Take piece of paper. Notice the three objects in the middle: red cone, yellow cube, blue ball. Look at the lock beneath. It is a lock with 3 digits, each digit with a different background color (red, yellow, blue….hmmmmm), and it has various geometrical shapes as input. Think of the objects from before as 2D presentations and unlock the lock: red – triangle, yellow – square, blue – circle. Take magnifier.

Look at the easel in the rear right corner. Lift palette. Take brush. Notice the three black/white circles on top of the drawing.

Look at the chest in the rear left corner. It has a lock with three circular buttons that have 5 different „white turns into black“ stages. Think of the circles from the drawing before and use those as combination; you have to tap: two times, three times, one time. Press „Enter“. Oh, another lock.

Go back to the room’s total view. Look at the paintings. Look at the piece of paper in your inventory. Aha, it shows the paintings in a specific order: painting on the rear wall, mona lisa, winter scene. Let’s take a closer look at each of these paintings.

Look at the leftmost painting on the left wall („Mona Lisa“). Notice that there is a small white spot on the right. Use magnifier on it. It is a roman 2 (II).

Look at the rightmost painting on the left wall (winter scene). Notice the spot in the top left corner. Looks like something is covered with paint. Use brush to uncover a roman 4 (IV).

Look at the painting on the rear wall. It shows a roman 9 (IX).

Order the roman numbers from the paintings according to the paintings‘ sequence on the piece of paper in your inventory: IX,II,IV. Look at chest again. Use roman numbers to unlock the inner chest. Take key.

Use key to unlock exit door.

Level 10




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