Escape Game: Jail Escape 5

Platform: iOS


Level 1

Take shoe.
Take valve wheel.

Look at the four groups of vertical lines at the top. These are the number code to open the box on the left: 3759
Open the box and take the saw blade. Use saw blade on the pipe that contains the photo.
Take photo. Look at photo. Very closely. It shows the letters „RICO“.

Click on the wall and play the game. You may flip four tokens to reveal letters, after that the tokens are shuffled (but you can see the shuffle movements). You need to find the letters of „RICO“ in that exact order. So try first to find two „R“, then „I“ and so on.

Level 2

Use the valve wheel on the two pipes touching each other in a 90 degrees angle in the upper right corner of the screen. This will lift the bars.

Take the mossy camera. Use stone on camera. Take the fixed camera.

Look at the newspaper clipping at the wall. Use the cut-out from your inventory on the clipping. It reveals the following letters: LMDN

Look at the circle shape on the right side of the barred window. It has a letter lock and gives a hint that you should order your letters from A to Z. Ok, so let’s order LMDN. That gives us DLMN. Use it. Take hook.

Look at the razor in your inventory. Use stone in inventory on razor. Take razor blade.
Look at shoe in your inventory. Use razor blade on shoe. Take shoelace.
Look at hook in inventory. Use shoelace on hook. Take this combined tool.

Look at barred window. Use shoelaced hook on window. Take valve wheel.

Look at exit wall. Use valve wheel on hole in wall (right side screen). Turn valve wheel.

Level 3

Use camera from inventory on blank wall of tunnel. It reveals a number: 8734

Look at the manhole cover and insert number code from above. Take three spiked balls.

Look at exit wall. Insert spiked balls. Play game. Goal is to get all balls of the same color as the big ball in the middle into the slots next to the big ball. To do that you have to rotate the inner circle with an empty slot pointing north, the ball from the outer circle in the top north position will then move to that slot.

Level 4

Take candle.

Look at shelf on the left. Take stamp.

Look at lighter in inventory. Open it (which lights it). Take lighter.
Look at candle in inventory. Light up candle with lighter. Take burning candle.

Look at shelf in the middle. Use burning candle on wooden tray. Use stamp from inventory on candle. It reveals a number: 3529

Use this number of the barred circle on the wall. Take key.

Look at exit wall. Use key on bars.

Level 5

Turn on light on left side. It reveals some shapes. Count shapes in the order of the top line: 4 circles, 2 rectangles, 3 crosses. This is a number code!

Look at box on shelf. Use the number code from above (423) to open it. Take all four tokens.

Look at exit wall. Place tokens from inventory on game board. Play game. Goal is to place all green, red and pink tokens on their respective slots. Blue tokens belong on the inner circle. You can move the tokens along the ring or along the „horizontal“ lines by swiping. It’s a bit tedious because the tokens won’t move along the horizontal lines until the circle tokens are really on the slots, so you often have to adjust slightly.

The exit bars open and you have escaped. Congratulations!

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