Escape Game: Drowning Dog


You have to collect all four angry birds to play the game that unlocks the door to the house. Three are directly accessible, one is inside the box in the right bottom corner of the screen.

To open the box you have to collect three flowers: one directly below the pink angry bird, one from the plant standing on the wooden bridge, one from the flower next to the bridge on the right side. Once you collected these you put them into the corresponding shapes on the box and reveal the fourth (mint) angry bird.

Before you unlock the door, take a look at the butterfly, its wings show the word „done“.

You will need to deal with the manhole cover at the end of the game.

Place the four angry birds in the game panel on the door. Goal of that game is to place all angry birds according to their color into the respective corners. It is a bit time consuming but I’m sure you figure out how to do this. (Tip: Deal with two corner first completely, then tacke the other two)

Inside the house, there are three rooms and I will name them room 1, 2 and 3 in the order they are visited starting from the entrance.

First of all you need to collect all three missing game tokens for the game panel on the closet in room 2.

In room 1 take the mug from the table.
In room 2 take the apple from the bowl on the table.
In room 3 open the container in the right bottom corner with the password that you found on the butterfly’s wings („done“). Collect the game token. Note that you need to have looked at the butterfly before you are able to open the container. It is the same with any other lock in this game: If you haven’t looked at the respective hint (e.g. because you haven’t found it yet), you will not be able to open the lock. So, trying out all combinations is not an option.

In room 3 take the plant from the shelf on the left side. Look at the plant. Remove the plant from the bowl. Hmmm…looks like we have to fill it with something.

In room 3 solve the number puzzle. Hint: Every line adds the triple of the summands of the previous line. So, solution is based on triple of 27: 81 + 81 = 162. Collect the game token.

In room 3 look at the plant in the right corner of the room. It reveals a number combination: 4256. Use this to open the wall container in room 1 that has cube sides as number lock. Take the knife.

Look at the apple that should be in your inventory already. Cut it open with the knife. Take the seeds.

Go outside and look at the water in the river that is straight below the house entrance. Fill the mug with water.
Look at the bowl in your inventory now. Fill it with the water from your mug. Now put the apple seeds into it. This will grow into a green heart which stands for…? Love. And this is the password for the letter lock in room 3.

In room 3 open the letter lock with the password above. Take the game token.

You collected now all three needed game tokens. Insert them into the game panel on the closet in room 2. Play the game to open the closet. Goal of the game is to move all game tokens into their correct location. The pink buttons move all the tiles around them clock-wise. When you do that you can also see the icons beneath the tokens. This denote the correct locations for the tokens. It is a bit tricky and maybe I will post a 100% solution here soon – in the meantime you have to figure it out yourselves, sorry. The closet reveals the hint to the color coded lock in room 3.

Look at the poster with colored stars grouped in four circles in room 2. There are 5 colors possible for each of the four digits of the color lock: pink, blue, green, red, purple. On the poster there are always four differently colored stars grouped in one of four circles. Find the one color that is missing in each circle and you have the code: blue, pink, red, green.
Open the color lock in room 3 and get a paper with the number 2018 on it.

Put this paper on the mirror in room 1, the mirrored number gives you the code for the left number lock in room 3: 5018
The container gives you a clock. Ignore all the colors of hands or times, the code for the last number lock (in room 3) is the time the clock shows: 1215. The container in room 3 gives you the key that you can use to open the manhole cover in the start screen. And…there is your dog!

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