Room Escape Contest 8 Level 16-20

Walkthrough Level 16-20

Level 16

Look at table and note the different positions of the shark jaws. These give you the combination for the blue box next to the table, counting the number of times you have to press each button from the lock, it is: 2013.

Open the box and take the snorkel.

Look at the painting next to the locker. The wooden frame gives you a number sequence: 6293.

Open the top locker with this number sequence and take the goggles.

Combine goggles and snorkel and use them on the pool. Take the key on the swimming pool’s ground.

Use key to open bottom locker. Take scroll.

Go diving in the pool again by using the goggles on the water. Compare the patterns on the pool’s wall with the scroll’s content. Each wall pattern can be found in the scroll’s letter pattern containing a written number, e.g. with the first pattern you can find „four“, starting in the second last row, first column. This gives you the number sequence: 4613.

Use number sequence to open exit door.

Level 17

Look at flower pots at window sill. Count number of blossoms for each pot’s flower. This gives you: 3 (red), 6 (yellow), 4 (green), 2 (blue).

Look behind painting on the wall next to the exit door. There is a safe with a number lock. Each digit has a different background color. Use the flower pot’s color to number mapping to open it: 6234. This reveals a red 38.

Look at the clocks on the shelf on the room’s right side. Each clock has a shape, which gives you a shape sequence: rectangle, circle, rectangle, heart.

Use this shape sequence to open the desk’s top locked drawer. This reveals a yellow 67.

Look at the clocks on the shelf again. Each clock shows a different time with the hands always forming a 90 degree angle and therefor marking a specific circle’s quarter. This gives you the sequence: top left quarter, top right quarter, bottom right quarter, bottom left quarter.

Use this quarter sequence to open the desk’s bottom locked drawer. This reveals a blue 25.

Look at the doormat. It shows a color sequence: blue, red, yellow. Sort all the found numbers according to this color sequence, this results in: 253867.

Use that number sequence on the door’s keypad to open it.

Level 18

Look at the poster on the wall next to the door. Note the two numbers with the square root sign on top. The square root sign actually hints how you need to read across the numbers to get a code. So, following the square root sign you start on the top left first digit, go to the bottom second digit, top third digit, top 4th digit: 1485.

Look at the arcade game on the left. Take cube. Note that there is also a square root sign on the screen. Maybe you can use the number code from the poster here? Insert the code. This results in two hints: First, take the piece of paper from the slot. Look at it. It shows equations with shapes. The second hint is displayed on the arcade game’s screen. Here you also see the shapes and, combined with the code you inserted below, you get more equations (the shapes represent numbers and need to be added because of the „+“ sign): circle = 1; circle + triangle = 4; triangle + rectangle = 8; rectangle = 5. Therefor: circle = 1; triangle = 3; rectangle = 5. Looking at the equations on the paper, you get:
circle = 1; triangle = 3; rectangle = 5; half-circle = 9; diamond = 7; star = 8.

Look at the arcade game in the bottom right corner of the room. It displays shapes in a sequence and then it shows all shapes at once flashing. Note the sequence of single shapes: circle, star, diamond, rectangle, circle, triangle. Using the mapping to numbers from above: 187513.

Use this code on the number lock. Now the arcade game’s screen displays patterns. Look at cube in inventory. Unfold it. Note how the unfolded cube looks like. It’s the same shape/pattern as the ones shown on the screen. Imagine how the patterns on the screen would look like if you’d fold them to a cube…they would show numbers! This gives you the following code: 1704.

Look at the number lock of the slot machine next to the door on the right. Use number code from above. Take key.

Use key to open entrance door.

Level 19

Take book from table. Open book. Take hammer.

Look at mirror. Use hammer on mirror. Take broken piece of mirror glass.

Take cloth from bed. Combine with piece of mirror glass.

Look at Marilyn Monroe poster. Use piece of mirror glass on poster. Take chocolate bar.

Look at chocolate bar. Note the brand: Dove.

Look at framed photo of Marilyn Monroe next to the locker. Note that the corners contain patterns that consist of letters. Touch the respective corner spelling the name of the chocolate bar („Dove“): top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left. Take saw blade.

Look at the door’s bars. Remove bars with saw blade. Use piece of mirror glass to look around the corner. You see a clock showing the time 10:10. Or doesn’t it? It is mirrored, so the real time is 13:50.

Use the clock’s time as number sequence to open the locker. Take grabbing bar.

Look at door again. Use grabbing bar to take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 20

Look at the silk painting in the left corner. Note the order of the things shown: bird, butterfly, fish, lotos flower.

Look at the tea cups on the table next to the door. Each has a decorative painting on it that is also shown in the silk painting. Sort the tea cups according to the silk painting. Take mother of pearl token.

Look at the brushes hanging in their mount, standing on the table in front. Note the color sequence: red, green, yellow, blue.

Look at chest in the left corner. Use color sequence to open drawer. Take mother of pearl token.

Look at back of chair. Note the order of the „rings“. There are 5 different positions, so by assigning 1 to the top position, 5 to the bottom position, the sequence is: 12543.

Look at music instrument on top of chest. It has 5 strings. Play the strings according to the sequence from above. You play them by touching the correct position. This reveals a number lock with a pattern on top of each digit.

Look at drawing next to the exit door. Imagine adding the patterns from the number lock to the red-square patterns. They will add up to numbers: 6835.

Open instrument’s number lock with the sequence. Take mother of pearl token.

Look at table in front again. Use tokens from inventory on box. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Room Escape Contest 8 Level 11-15

Walkthrough Level 11-15

Level 11

There are three objects hanging on the right wall. Look at the left object, a frame that contains patterns of rectangles, two rows with 3 patterns each. Compare patterns with the drawer colors of the chest in the front left of the room. Each pattern maps to drawers of the same color, that means each pattern maps to one color. This gives you the following color code: blue – green – green (row one), red – red – blue (row two). Use this to open the top drawer of the chest on the right wall. Take arrow pin.

Look at the clock on the wall. It shows hour, minute and second. Read in this order, it gives you a number combination: 428. Use this to open the middle drawer of the chest on the right wall. Take another arrow pin.

Look at the right frame on the right wall. The fish heads are pointing to different directions, so it gives you the direction combination: down – up left – up right – down right.

Look at the chest on the right wall again. Use arrow pins on the bottom drawer. Use direction combination from above to turn the arrows into the right directions. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 12

Take binoculars from the bench at the window. Also take the book there. Use binoculars to look through window. You see cardinal points mapped to letters: N – Z, NE – X, E – Y, SE – M, S – N, SW – O, W – L, NW– K.

Look at the drawer next to the door, it has a direction lock. Each digit is labeled with a letter. Map each letter to a cardinal point (see mapping from window above), this will give you the lock’s code: NE – SE – S – W. Take remote control.

Look at air con. Use remote control on air con. Take paper slip.

Look at paper slip. It shows a sequence of letters. Look at book.  The book gives you a table of numbers with rows and columns indicated headed by letters. That means that each number can be mapped to a pair of letters. Look at the paper slip again and map each sequential pair of letters to a number according to the table (e.g. the pair „AC“ maps to row A, column C and therefor to „0“). This gives you the number combination: 03469.

Look at painting on the wall. Behind the painting there is a safe. Use the number combination from above to open it. Take key.

Use key to open entrance door.

Level 13

Look closer at the shelves on the back wall. There are three drawers, each with a different lock: The top drawer has a 4-digit number lock, the middle drawer has a 4×4 pattern lock and the bottom drawer has a 4-digit letter lock. Back off from the drawers again and look at the shelves.

To open the top drawer, take a look at the shelves left of the drawers. They themselves are number-shaped and read vertically the code: 7005. Use it to open the drawer and take the piece of paper inside.

To open the middle drawer, take a look at the 4×4 shelf above the drawers. The compartments give you the pattern for the middle drawer’s lock. The compartments that have a glass map to a „lit“ tile in the pattern lock. The pattern is:
Use it to open the middle drawer and take the chest.

To open the bottom drawer, take a look at the shelves right of the drawers. They themselves are letter-shaped and spell vertically the word SOUL (read from bottom to top). Use this to open the drawer and take the pencil.

Look at the piece of paper in your inventory and use the pencil on it. This gives you a direction pattern: top left, top left, top right, top right, bottom right, bottom left, bottom right. Use this to open the chest in your inventory. This gives you the key in your inventory.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 14

Take cloth from above the small painting.

Look at sink and open tap. See that the mirror shows the hint: hell -> help. To get from hell to help you have to change the last letter „l“ to „p“, this means to go from „l“ via „m“, „n“, „o“ to „p“. „mno“ or rather „MNO“ can be read as numbers, when you rotate them clock-wise for 90 degrees. This gives you the number code: 320.

Use the number code to open the drawer beneath the sink. Take handle. Take piece of paper.

Use cloth on tap water. Use wet cloth to clean the floor’s dirty area. This gives you a position code: bottom, middle, top, top, middle.

Look at the small painting. Remove the lid beneath it. Put handle from inventory into empty slot. Use the position code from above to set the handles correctly. This removes the small painting and reveals a 4-digit number lock with the word „GOD“ written above it.

Look at the piece of paper. It gives you the hint that letters refer to numbers, in fact it tells you that the alphabetic letters are mapped to its „index“ in the alphabet, e.g. A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so on. According to this number mapping scheme the word „GOD“ maps to 7154 (G is 7, O is 15, D is 4). Use this code to open the number lock. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 15

Open cupboard. Note that the drawer has a lock that needs a combination of ‚U‘ and ‚V‘ button pushes. Flip through the the shirts until you can take the long grabbing bar. Flip again through the shirts and keep track of the necks (the buttons from the drawer’s lock refer to v-neck and u-neck of shirts, and the shirt with the word „END“ on it marks the end of the combination sequence); this will give you the combination: UVUVVU.

Use the combination to open the drawer (don’t forget to press ENTER at the end of the combination). Take piece of paper.

Use grabbing bar to pull down the window blind. This gives you the number sequence 5376421. Note that this sequence contains all numbers from 1 to 7. The piece of paper gives you the sequence: 62E3K9Y. Now sort this sequence by moving each digit by its index along the sequence hint. This means that the digit „K“ in 62E3K9Y is at index 5 (5th position) and has to move to position 1 (as 5 is on 1st position in 5376421). This will result in the sequence: KEY9326. This means that the key is: 9326

Use key sequence to open the exit door.

Escape Master – Room Escape Adventure 1 Level 1-10

Walkthrough Level 1-10

Level 1

Look at bench. Look under newspaper. Take cutter knife blade.

Look at tree on the left side. Take cutter knife handle. Combine handle with blade by looking at handle and using blade on it.

Look at tricycle. Use cutter knife on seat. Take key.

Use key to open gate.

Level 2

Look at table. Look under decorative bowl. Take knife handle.

Look at umbrella with chairs on the right side. Look at chair on the right. Take spade head.

Look at fishing rod. Use fishing rod (by clicking on it). Take shoe.

Look at door. Take wooden bar left of it. Combine bar with spade head to retrieve a fully functional spade.

Go back to the chairs with the umbrella. Look at left chair. Move chair. Use spade on the lawn. Take box.

Go back to door and take a look at the fish picture on the right. The numbers you have to guess refer to the number of stripes on each fish. This gives you the number combination: 9645.

Use number combination to open the box. Take knife blade. Combine knife blade with knife handle.

Look at shoe. Use knife on shoe. Take key.

Use key to open door.

Level 3

Look at the compressor in left bottom corner. Take tablet lying next to it on the right.

Look at workbench. Take wrench.

Look at barrels in left top corner. Take piece of paper.

Look at rear trunk. Use wrench to open it. Take cloth.

Look at tires on the left wall. Use cloth to clean up the dirt. Note the shape combination: rectangle – hexagon – pentagon.

Look at the service column at the right wall. There is a color lock and apparently you need some shades of red, blue and green. Look at the tablet in your inventor. Look at the piece of paper in your inventory. Compare the bold lined shape on the piece of paper with the map on the tablet. Count the number of pins of each color within that bold lined shape, this gives you the number of times you have to push each colored button of the lock: red – 3 times, blue – 2 times, green – 5 times.

This reveals a shape lock behind the image of the car. Use the shape combination from the tires to unlock it. Take key.

Use key on gate.

Level 4

Look at tiger statue. Move statue. Take brush.

Look at left lion statue. Lift it. Take circle.

Look at fireplace. Lift wood. Take piece of paper.

Look at piece of paper. Use brush on it. It reveals the combination: lion statue – Anubis statue – urn. Let’s find out what this means! Look at right lion statue. Lift it. It reveals the greek letter Π. Look at right Anubis statue. Move it. It reveals the greek letter Φ. Look at urn between Anubis statues. Lift it. It reveals the greek letter Δ. Use circle from inventory on the circular slot under the urn. Look at it. Use the combination of greek letters in the order shown on the piece of paper to unlock it: ΠΦΔ. Take telescope.

Look at plants on left side of the screen. There is s shape combination: rectangle – triangle – circle.

Look at the coffin between the Anubis statues. Open it with that shape combination. Take lense. Look at telescope from inventory. Use lense on it.

Look at tripod next to fireplace. Use telescope on it. Look through it. You see a color combination: green – blue – orange.

Go back to coffin and unlock the chest with the color combination. Take key.

Use key to unlock door.

Level 5

Look at bedside table on the right side of the bed. Take battery lying left of it.

Look at makeup table. Open top drawer. Take remote control.

Look at TV. Move it. Take battery.

Look at remote control. Turn it around. Use batteries on it.

Look at air con in top right corner of room. Use remote control on it. Look at plants beneath it. Take key.

Use key to open middle drawer from makeup table. Take tablet.

Look at bedside table on the left side of the bed. Lift lamp. Take scissors.

Look at pillows. Use scissors on right pillow. Take memory card.

Look at tablet. Insert memory card into tablet. Press „Login“ button. The screen tells you to scan a QR code. Aha! There was a QR code right next to the TV. Use tablet on it. After you login now you will see a color code: yellow – blue – green.

Look at picture of the Eiffel tower hanging on the left wall. Behind it there is a safe. Open this safe with the color code from above. Take key.

Use key to open door.

Level 6

Look at cupboard and note the purple tile with the letter H on the top shelf. Look at table and lift vase. It reveals an orange tile with the letter A. Look at left mannequin. Move it. It reveals a green tile with the letter Z.

Look at table. Lift purse. Take key. Use key to open the pink box on the cupboard. It reveals a color combination: purple – orange – green.

Sort tiles according to their color in order of above’s color combination. This gives you the letter combination: HAZ. Use this to open the middle drawer of the cupboard. Take power cable.

Look at sewing table. Take cloth.

Look at ironing table. Use power cable on iron. Use cloth on ironing table. Use iron on cloth. The burned cloth reveals a roman number combination: XIV.

Use the roman number combination to open the locker in the wall on the left side of the door. Take key.

Use key to open door.

Level 7

Look at the shelf on the left wall. Take the green-ish file binder from the top shelf on the left side. Look at the small compartments on the right side of the shelf. Take the pencil sharpener in the top left corner.

Look at the table. Take a pencil from the right cup. Use pencil sharpener on pencil (click pencil in inventory first, then use sharpener on it). A car appears on the pencil head.

Look at the file binder in your inventory. Flip through the pages and count the number of cars on each page (that is what the car on the pencil is hinting at); this will give you a number combination: 312.

Look at the shelf in the middle of the room. This leads you to a number lock that you can open with the combination from above. Take zip slider.

Look at the backpacks at the right wall. Use zip slider on the green one. Open backpack. Take calculator.

Look again at the table. The erasers on the table give you a color combination: green – yellow – red – blue. Notice that the erasers are lying upside down.

Look at the shelf on the left wall again. Look closer at the model that stands next to the file folders. This maps colors to numbers. Look for the colors of the erasers (in their order). This will give you the combination: 2156.

Type the number into the calculator and press the „=“ button. This will result in the number: 530. Remember that the erasers were lying upside down? Imagine turning the calculator upside down and read the numbers as letters. This will give you: OES.

Look at the desk in the top right corner of the room. Insert the letter combination from above into it. Retrieve a piece of paper.

The piece of paper in your inventory gives you a direction lock code: right – up – left – down. Use this to unlock the desc compartment. Take key.

Use key to unlock exit door.

Level 8

Look at drum set. Lift bass drum (the biggest one). Take crayons.

Look at tambourines hanging on the left wall. Lift left one. Use crayons to color the shape that is drawn on the wall. Notice the direction of each colored triangle/arrow: yellow – up, green – right, purple – right bottom, blue – left bottom, light blue – left. Look at guitar amp. It has a lock with 5 differently colored controls that can be turned pointing into a specific direction. Set the controls according to the color/direction mapping from above. Press „Enter“. Take sheet of paper.

Look at piano. Take pen.

Look at guitars next to keyboard. Lift the left one. Take circular handle.

Look at the right tambourine. Use handle from inventory circular hole in the middle. Reveal an opening by pulling the handle. Take pie chart.

Look at the stool next to the keyboard. Lift seat cover. Take metal gauge.

Look at sheet of paper. Use pen to reveal a number grid. Use metal gauge on number grid. Notice that the metal gauge has 8 lines leading from the middle into a circle that embraces a number from the number grid. Look at pie chart in inventory. It also has 8 lines panning out from the middle, each line leads into a color section. Compare these lines now with the ones from the metal gauge. Find the numbers for each color section’s lines and sum them up. This gives you per color: green – 9 (5+4), blue – 4 (1+0+1+2), red – 7 (4+3).

Look at the locker next to the exit door. It has a 3 digit number lock with each digit with a different background color. Use the color/number mapping from above to open it: 974. Press „Enter“. Take key.

Use key to open exit door.

Level 9

Look at the dresser next to the statue. Lift book. Take piece of paper. Notice the three objects in the middle: red cone, yellow cube, blue ball. Look at the lock beneath. It is a lock with 3 digits, each digit with a different background color (red, yellow, blue….hmmmmm), and it has various geometrical shapes as input. Think of the objects from before as 2D presentations and unlock the lock: red – triangle, yellow – square, blue – circle. Take magnifier.

Look at the easel in the rear right corner. Lift palette. Take brush. Notice the three black/white circles on top of the drawing.

Look at the chest in the rear left corner. It has a lock with three circular buttons that have 5 different „white turns into black“ stages. Think of the circles from the drawing before and use those as combination; you have to tap: two times, three times, one time. Press „Enter“. Oh, another lock.

Go back to the room’s total view. Look at the paintings. Look at the piece of paper in your inventory. Aha, it shows the paintings in a specific order: painting on the rear wall, mona lisa, winter scene. Let’s take a closer look at each of these paintings.

Look at the leftmost painting on the left wall („Mona Lisa“). Notice that there is a small white spot on the right. Use magnifier on it. It is a roman 2 (II).

Look at the rightmost painting on the left wall (winter scene). Notice the spot in the top left corner. Looks like something is covered with paint. Use brush to uncover a roman 4 (IV).

Look at the painting on the rear wall. It shows a roman 9 (IX).

Order the roman numbers from the paintings according to the paintings‘ sequence on the piece of paper in your inventory: IX,II,IV. Look at chest again. Use roman numbers to unlock the inner chest. Take key.

Use key to unlock exit door.

Level 10




Room Escape Contest 8 Level 6-10

Walkthrough Level 6-10

Level 6

Look at the cart. Take letter tile lying on cart.
There are numbers painted on the side frame of the cart (note that a thick line is thick because it is actually two lines, one for each adjacent number): 356
Use this code to open the box that is on lying on the cart. Take the letter tile.

Look at the operating lights. The pattern of the individual lamps is similar to the pattern lock at the left wall of the room. Identify the lamps that are in the same state (on/off) in both operating lights. These lamps are the buttons you have to press on the pattern lock. So, starting from the north position: off – on – on – off – on – off – off – on. Take the x-ray.

Stick x-ray from inventory to lightboard (top right corner of it). You get a number: 4765.

Use this number to open the box standing next to the operating table.

Look again at the x-ray lightboard. There is a formula written on the wall above it. Keep this formula in mind and look at the rectangular 2×2 button lock in the corner of the room. The formula’s single symbols are composed of two respective tiles drawn next to the lock (one left, one right, same position in the 2×2 grid), e.g. the rectangle is a composition of the left bottom quadrant on the left and the left bottom quadrant on the right. Following this logic and the formula (X and = are also symbols) the button combination for the lock is: bottom left – top left – top left – top right – top left – top left – bottom right. Use it to open the container and take the tile.

You should have four letter tiles in your inventory now (F, O, Q, P). Look at the door. The four tiles have to placed in correct order into the empty slots. The hint for the order is written on the door: NEXT OPEN.
It means that you have to always put the next letter in the alphabet of each letter in OPEN; this results in: PQFO.

Put the tiles accordingly and exit through door.

Level 7

Take gong mallet from desk. Look at abacus. Move the middle stones up. Note the symbols and the respective stone count.

Use the stone count per symbol to open the left door of the cupboard: 3245
Note the shape of the black space of each quadrant inside.

Look at the gong. Use the gong mallet many many times on the gong (99 times to be exact, that is what the number in the bottom right corner tells you). It will crack several times, revealing a symbol pattern at the end. The symbols match the black space shapes inside the cupboard and give you the quadrant combination: bottom left – top right – bottom right – bottom left – top left – bottom right.

Use the combination on the box standing on the cupboard (below gong, above symbol lock). Take key.

Use key on door.

Level 8

This room took me quite some time to solve…

Take cue. Look at the number puzzle board at the room corner’s left wall. Use cue to get the sword on top of it. Look at sofa and cut a hole with sword. It reveals a number lock.

Look at the shelf with colored balls in four rows and a number lock in the bottom right corner. Remember the colors and their orders from every row. Look at the pool table and the balls on it. For each row on the shelf, imagine drawing a line according to the colors (e.g. for the last row the line would go from the red 3-ball to the black 8-ball to the green 6-ball). Think of what numbers each line forms and you get a number code: 5271
Use this code to open the number lock on the shelf. Pick up the light bulb.

Use the light bulb from your inventory on the lamp standing on the small table right in front of you. It gives you a color code: yellow – red – blue – green. Look at the balls on the pool table again. The color code maps to the following balls: 1326. Use this code to open the sofa’s number lock. Take hammer.

Use the hammer on the floor on the right side of the carpet. It reveals yet another number lock. Each digit is labeled with a geometrical shape. Aha! We saw them on the number puzzle board before. Let’s solve it! The 15 next to the puzzle hints that each row and each column should sum up to 15. So you can easily identify the value of each shape: circle=9, rectangle=3, triangle=7, bottom-shape=1. Going back to the number lock in the floor, you now see that the code for it is: 9731. Take key.

Use key to open door.

Level 9

Look at the closet. Open first door, take the cup. Open second door, take the knife. Open third door…oh, nothing to take. Note that there is a number lock on the fourth door. Take a look at the can shelf behind each door. The non-can space build a number in each shelf. This gives you the code to the number lock: 675. Use it to open the fourth door. Take screwdriver.

Look at the cover in the bottom right corner of the room. Use screwdriver on each screw to remove the cover. Seems to be empty? Hm.

Look at the sink and open the tap. Use cup on water flow. This fills the cup with water. Go back to the uncovered hole in the room’s bottom corner. Use water-filled cup on hole. Aha! You can see some yellow thing floating on the water, but you cannot reach it. So fill the cup again and pour water into the hole again. Still can’t reach it? Do it again. After doing this three times you can grab the ball.

Look at the ball from your inventory. Use knife on it. This gives you a piece of paper with a letter combination: LUDV. Reminds you of something you’ve seen before?
Look at the closet doors again. The patterns on the doors are formed with letters D, L, V and U. Count the occurrence of each letter in its respective shape: D=8,L=7,V=5,U=4. Sort the numbers according to the piece of paper: 7485.

Use this combination on the exit door’s number lock (to the right of it).

Level 10

Look at bench. Open spectacle case on the bench. Take key. Look at green box in bottom right corner of the room. Use key to open it. Take coin and piece of paper.

Take umbrella. Look at bench. Use umbrella to reach the box beneath it. Look at number lock and note that it has 7 digits.

Look at telescope. Insert coin. Look at the piece of paper in your inventory. Only two degree specifications are written in black. The left one is 45° and the right one is 270°. Keep this in mind and look through telescope. You only see something blurry, but there are two control knobs, one on the left, one on the right. Use the degree specs from the piece of paper to adjust them. This means that you have to turn the left knob once, the right knob 6 times. Now you see a building with a few illuminated windows. The building has 8 rows of windows (nicely denoted by the banner next to it) and 7 illuminated windows. Remember that the box under the bench has a number lock with 7 digits. Every illuminated window must denote a digit of that lock! Following that logic, going from left to right, you get this combination: 3851472.

Use combination to open the grey box under the bench. Take book. Take handle.

Look at the yellow standing sign next to the green box. Remember arrow combination: big arrow up – small arrow down – small arrow up – big arrow down. Open panel next to exit door. Insert missing handle from inventory into the left slot. Look at book in inventory. It gives you handle positions for big arrow up and small arrow up. Use this to insert the combination of errors from the yellow sign. After each arrow’s handle positions press the button, after each button push one more light will be lit at the top. First arrow is easy as it is stated in the book. For the arrow downs‘ combination you have to mirror the respective arrow up’s combination vertically AND horizontally (which does not have an effect for the small one, but it has for the big one). This results in the following handle positions:

1) middle – left – left
2) right – middle – right
3) left – middle – left
4) right – right – middle

Exit trough the door.

Level 11-20

Coming soon…

Room Escape Contest 8 Level 1-5

Walkthrough Level 1-5

Level 1

Look at shelf. Note the three shapes in one line: Circle (clock), rectancle (around the number lock), upside down triangle. Use this shape code on the lock next to the window. It reveals a red 5.

Look at the watch in the shelf. Notice the red time bar? Think of the red 5 from above. What if the red bar would stand for the 5 on a clock, what time would the clock show then? The answer is 12:40

Use this code on the number lock in the middle of the shelf. Take key.

Use key on door.

Level 2

Take screwdriver in front of you.

Look at the mirror on left wall of the room. You see a mirrored (!) clock. The non-mirrored clock would show…? 13:50!

Use the clock code on the locker’s number code. Take scroll. Read scroll.

Use code from scroll on box with figurine code. Take fuse.

Look at OPEN sign above the lockers. Use screw driver from inventory to remove screws. Insert fuse from inventory into slot. Look at the flashing letters and remember the order of letters flashing: O-E-N-P-N-E

Use this code with the frame hanging on the wall left of the door. This reveals a number code: 2539 (from left to right, top to bottom)

Use that code on the speaker’s lock. This reveals another number code: 3679

Use this code to open the door.

Level 3

Look at the cupboard and notice two locks, one color lock whose digits are separated by „>“ characters and a 3×3 number lock.

Look at the paintings on the wall. Notice the varying sizes and colors of the frames. Remember the color lock from above. Sort frames by size (this is what the „>“ character tells you!) and note colors: yellow, red, green, purple. Open color lock at cupboard with it and take paper sheet.

Look at the paintings again. This time look closer at the number painting (red frame). Note that the 5 has an arrowhead. It tells you the code for the number lock. Follow the shape of the five from bottom to head. Look at the 3×3 number code and apply this notion: 7-8-9-6-5-4-1-2-3

Look at the books behind the 3×3 number lock. Note the order of the white markers: top-bottom-top-top-bottom-top-bottom-top
Look at the paintings again, this time look closer at painting with the green frame. Use the book code on the up and down buttons: up-down-up-up-down-up-down-up.
It reveals an equation: key = XYZ

Look at the paper sheet in your inventory, it has also two equations: rectangle shape = 40; plus shape = 25.

Look at the door’s lock, a number pad. If you overlay the numbers 1-9 on the pad with a rectangle shape, you would cover (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9), which sum is 40 (1+2+3+4+6+7+8+9). Same logic applies for plus shape. An overlay with the plus shape would cover (2,4,5,6,8), which sum is 25 (2+4+5+6+8).
Now, the key equation says that the key is XYZ. Apply the same logic:
X -> 1+3+5+7+9 = 25
Y -> 1+3+5+8 = 17
Z -> 1+2+3+5+7+8+9 = 35
So, key is XYZ is 251735.

Use this code on the door’s number lock.

Level 4

Look at chair. Take notebook.

Note the blue 4 on the chair. Note the green 7 on the painting. Open the notebook in your inventory and note the black 2. These numbers give you the code to the desk drawer in the respective color order as shown by the lock: 274
Open the drawer with the code and retrieve a scroll.

Look at the notebook from your inventory again. Note that the poem consists of almost identical lines (ignore the last one!), the only difference of each line is the last word which consists of 6 letters (digits), some of which are marked red. Look at the painting again and move it aside, it reveals a pattern lock of size 6×5 (6 columns, 5 rows). This lock needs the pattern of the red characters in the last words of each line in the poem (again: ignore the last line):

l i t t l e
l o n e l y
f i e r c e
h a t r e d
r e c k e d

Use the pattern to open the container. Take the newspaper.

Look at the chessboard. Use the scroll to assign numbers to each chess piece on the board, e.g. bishop stands on C5, this corresponds to the number 6 in the scroll’s number grid (column „c“, row „5“):

Chess piece Position Scroll number
Rook A4 4
Bishop C5 6
Knight C2 0
Pawn E3 3
King F5 3
Queen F2 6

Now, look at the safe below the window. Note the shapes above the number buttons. Look at the newspaper – these shapes correspond to chess pieces. The shapes on the safe say: circle + rectangle, diamond, trapezoid, triangle, half-circle. These correspond to the following pieces, according to the newspaper: rook + pawn, queen, king, knight, bishop. And these again correspond to the following scroll numbers (see table above): 4+3, 6, 3, 0, 6. Let’s get rid of the addition there and we receive: 76306. Enter this code into the safe (don’t forget to press the „ENTER“(?) key). Open the safe. Take key.

Use key to open second desk drawer. Take keycard.

Use keycard on card reader next to the door. Walk through door.

Level 5

Look at desk drawer. It needs some series of button pushes, the buttons are ordered like quadrants. Look at the framed pictures on the wall. The upper four are also ordered like quadrants (hint!). The description word on each picture starts with an unique initial letter (E, C, S, H). The bottom’s single picture’s description (the picture with no white background) consists only of those initial letters. This description (the word „CHEESES“) gives therefor the combination for the desk drawer’s lock: top right, bottom right, top left, top left, bottom left, top left, bottom left.

Open the desk drawer with this combination. Take the scroll. Look at the scroll. Aha – a 3×3 number grid.

Look at the eyesight testing poster on the left wall. Notice that there is only one single line printed on black background with white letters. This row gives you the combination to the medicine box. Think of the three lines of an „E“ pointing into a specific direction, e.g. the normally directed „E“ points to the right side. This means that the row on the eyesight testing poster reads: bottom, right, bottom, top, right.

Use the combination on the medicine box’s lock. Take plaster.

Apply plaster to eyesight testing poster. This reveals another number lock. Notice the unique pattern above each digit – each denotes a position in a 3×3 grid. Wait, wasn’t there a 3×3 number grid on the scroll…? Yeah. Let’s use the numbers from the scroll grid that match the pattern: 8637
Take key.

Use key on door. Done.

Next Levels: Room Escape Contest 8 Level 6-10

Escape Game: Jail Escape 5

Platform: iOS


Level 1

Take shoe.
Take valve wheel.

Look at the four groups of vertical lines at the top. These are the number code to open the box on the left: 3759
Open the box and take the saw blade. Use saw blade on the pipe that contains the photo.
Take photo. Look at photo. Very closely. It shows the letters „RICO“.

Click on the wall and play the game. You may flip four tokens to reveal letters, after that the tokens are shuffled (but you can see the shuffle movements). You need to find the letters of „RICO“ in that exact order. So try first to find two „R“, then „I“ and so on.

Level 2

Use the valve wheel on the two pipes touching each other in a 90 degrees angle in the upper right corner of the screen. This will lift the bars.

Take the mossy camera. Use stone on camera. Take the fixed camera.

Look at the newspaper clipping at the wall. Use the cut-out from your inventory on the clipping. It reveals the following letters: LMDN

Look at the circle shape on the right side of the barred window. It has a letter lock and gives a hint that you should order your letters from A to Z. Ok, so let’s order LMDN. That gives us DLMN. Use it. Take hook.

Look at the razor in your inventory. Use stone in inventory on razor. Take razor blade.
Look at shoe in your inventory. Use razor blade on shoe. Take shoelace.
Look at hook in inventory. Use shoelace on hook. Take this combined tool.

Look at barred window. Use shoelaced hook on window. Take valve wheel.

Look at exit wall. Use valve wheel on hole in wall (right side screen). Turn valve wheel.

Level 3

Use camera from inventory on blank wall of tunnel. It reveals a number: 8734

Look at the manhole cover and insert number code from above. Take three spiked balls.

Look at exit wall. Insert spiked balls. Play game. Goal is to get all balls of the same color as the big ball in the middle into the slots next to the big ball. To do that you have to rotate the inner circle with an empty slot pointing north, the ball from the outer circle in the top north position will then move to that slot.

Level 4

Take candle.

Look at shelf on the left. Take stamp.

Look at lighter in inventory. Open it (which lights it). Take lighter.
Look at candle in inventory. Light up candle with lighter. Take burning candle.

Look at shelf in the middle. Use burning candle on wooden tray. Use stamp from inventory on candle. It reveals a number: 3529

Use this number of the barred circle on the wall. Take key.

Look at exit wall. Use key on bars.

Level 5

Turn on light on left side. It reveals some shapes. Count shapes in the order of the top line: 4 circles, 2 rectangles, 3 crosses. This is a number code!

Look at box on shelf. Use the number code from above (423) to open it. Take all four tokens.

Look at exit wall. Place tokens from inventory on game board. Play game. Goal is to place all green, red and pink tokens on their respective slots. Blue tokens belong on the inner circle. You can move the tokens along the ring or along the „horizontal“ lines by swiping. It’s a bit tedious because the tokens won’t move along the horizontal lines until the circle tokens are really on the slots, so you often have to adjust slightly.

The exit bars open and you have escaped. Congratulations!

Escape Game: Drowning Dog


You have to collect all four angry birds to play the game that unlocks the door to the house. Three are directly accessible, one is inside the box in the right bottom corner of the screen.

To open the box you have to collect three flowers: one directly below the pink angry bird, one from the plant standing on the wooden bridge, one from the flower next to the bridge on the right side. Once you collected these you put them into the corresponding shapes on the box and reveal the fourth (mint) angry bird.

Before you unlock the door, take a look at the butterfly, its wings show the word „done“.

You will need to deal with the manhole cover at the end of the game.

Place the four angry birds in the game panel on the door. Goal of that game is to place all angry birds according to their color into the respective corners. It is a bit time consuming but I’m sure you figure out how to do this. (Tip: Deal with two corner first completely, then tacke the other two)

Inside the house, there are three rooms and I will name them room 1, 2 and 3 in the order they are visited starting from the entrance.

First of all you need to collect all three missing game tokens for the game panel on the closet in room 2.

In room 1 take the mug from the table.
In room 2 take the apple from the bowl on the table.
In room 3 open the container in the right bottom corner with the password that you found on the butterfly’s wings („done“). Collect the game token. Note that you need to have looked at the butterfly before you are able to open the container. It is the same with any other lock in this game: If you haven’t looked at the respective hint (e.g. because you haven’t found it yet), you will not be able to open the lock. So, trying out all combinations is not an option.

In room 3 take the plant from the shelf on the left side. Look at the plant. Remove the plant from the bowl. Hmmm…looks like we have to fill it with something.

In room 3 solve the number puzzle. Hint: Every line adds the triple of the summands of the previous line. So, solution is based on triple of 27: 81 + 81 = 162. Collect the game token.

In room 3 look at the plant in the right corner of the room. It reveals a number combination: 4256. Use this to open the wall container in room 1 that has cube sides as number lock. Take the knife.

Look at the apple that should be in your inventory already. Cut it open with the knife. Take the seeds.

Go outside and look at the water in the river that is straight below the house entrance. Fill the mug with water.
Look at the bowl in your inventory now. Fill it with the water from your mug. Now put the apple seeds into it. This will grow into a green heart which stands for…? Love. And this is the password for the letter lock in room 3.

In room 3 open the letter lock with the password above. Take the game token.

You collected now all three needed game tokens. Insert them into the game panel on the closet in room 2. Play the game to open the closet. Goal of the game is to move all game tokens into their correct location. The pink buttons move all the tiles around them clock-wise. When you do that you can also see the icons beneath the tokens. This denote the correct locations for the tokens. It is a bit tricky and maybe I will post a 100% solution here soon – in the meantime you have to figure it out yourselves, sorry. The closet reveals the hint to the color coded lock in room 3.

Look at the poster with colored stars grouped in four circles in room 2. There are 5 colors possible for each of the four digits of the color lock: pink, blue, green, red, purple. On the poster there are always four differently colored stars grouped in one of four circles. Find the one color that is missing in each circle and you have the code: blue, pink, red, green.
Open the color lock in room 3 and get a paper with the number 2018 on it.

Put this paper on the mirror in room 1, the mirrored number gives you the code for the left number lock in room 3: 5018
The container gives you a clock. Ignore all the colors of hands or times, the code for the last number lock (in room 3) is the time the clock shows: 1215. The container in room 3 gives you the key that you can use to open the manhole cover in the start screen. And…there is your dog!